Updates to Ubuntu & WordPress

I’ve been running on Ubuntu 18.04LTS since it came out. Ubuntu 20.04LTS has been out for quite a while now, and I did update one server (the JupyterHub server) but not my other two. Tonight I decided to go for it. One server (this one) has both Apache2 and Tomcat running, but I figured ‘what the heck’. After applying the latest updates to 18.04 I then ran ‘do-release-upgrade’. After quite a long time, the upgrade was complete without errors and the system restarted.

After the system was running, I checked both Apache (my web pages) and Tomcat, and everything was working fine. I then checked WordPress, and it was NOT running fine. Instead of my WP site, I saw raw php code.

After some googling, it was clear that php.ini needed a setting changed. I did that but that didn’t fix the problem. Further reading directed me to the ‘mods-enabled’ directory for apache, where the php configuration file indicated the needed change. A quick edit and after restarting apache, this site was working again.

I decided to try updating WordPress. Last time I tried it failed because too many things in Ubuntu 18.04LTS were ‘too old’ for WP 5.3.2. Version 5.2.5 worked, and that was the version here when I started. The current version is 6.1.1 so I downloaded it and ran my usual update process, and was delighted to see it worked. I then updated all the plugins and now the site is again up to date.

I also updated the other server, which just runs Tomcat, and it also updated without incident to Ubuntu 20.04LTS.

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