“I guess I’m not their demographic”… Apple

I just had the most monstrous fight with apple software this week, and had to give up. All I wanted to do was prune my songs on my iphone and ipad. There were songs I wanted to remove that I had installed via itunes on my macbook some years ago.

Well, I couldn’t. Not easily. I finally used the general settings… remove all music feature to clean it up. The only other way was to delete each song individually by swiping left and then touching ‘delete’. Not whole albums, but song by song. How stupid and user-unfreindly!

The worst mistake I made was installing itunes on my Win7 pc. Dumb, dumb, dumb! It worked, but even after connecting the ipad and iphone, it would not let me actually TOUCH the songs. It was so brain-dead that after showing me “songs on the device” it would not delete – the only option was “copy to device”. BUT IT’S ON THE DEVICE AND YOU KNOW IT!!!

Today I blew away itunes. Of course apple left behind a puddle of other crap on the PC that I could not remove via programs. Fortunately I anticipate such nonsense, so before the install I had created a “before itunes” restore point. Using this I was able to recover my PC to where I wanted, not where apple wanted to leave it.

So now I have no songs on my i-devices, but I don’t care. The whole purpose was to use one as an alarm clock playing a random song each morning. Turns out it CANNOT be done via apple. The only way is to jailbreak the device.

As for apple, they don’t want me. They blew off objective-C for their own pathetic thingy called swift for i-device programming. That’s when I stopped app development. Then the recent crop of laptops (no desktops anymore) showed apple’s utter contempt for customers. “You can have light, or powerful, or good screen, but not all in one device. To get them all, buy more devices,” OK, I choose none.

Now the latest iphone is announced at a ludicrous price point. Honestly, the apple price and features list looks like it came from “SpaceBalls, the merchandising”.

Guess I’m not apples demographic anymore. Too bad. I really got the feeling that Steve Jobs understood me, what with us being the same age and loving tech and all. The new apple since Jobs just seems to be about “merchandising to the max”. Sad, really.

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