Weirdness. Total weirdness

OK. Weird things happening here.

First, one of my servers that is quite secure is somehow getting theĀ  date changed without me doing anything. Yesterday’s post didn’t appear, and when I checked, it was dated Dec 2015. I checked the system date, and it was indeed Dec 9, 2015. This is the second time this has happened this year. Never before.

It’s a modern operating system, and a fairly recent version. Nothing in the logs, and I’ve not been hacked, so no idea what’s doing the change.

Also yesterday, I could not get on my new Raspberry Pi. It had rebooted and the DHCP address changed from 63 to 62. I went searching for why, and found my main household router/firewall had it’s LAN IP changed totally to a new subnet. However, it was still responding to the correct IP. Eventually I just changed it back to the correct IP, and put a static IP in the DHCP table for my Pi.

Checking settings reveals the device has no external ports, and although there are security warnings about the device, the ‘hacks’ must be done from inside the firewall or with the WAN admin port turned on. Mine is definitely off. So again, just strange.

I’ll keep digging to see if something comes up, but network analysis shows I’m not hacked, so maybe just some bizarre coincidences?

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