Do the best you can

(originally posted nov 20, 2008)

I got one of those “Life’s Little Instruction Calender” dealies a couple of Christmases ago. They are now on volume XIII (or whatever), and the lack of decent material really shows. There have been one or two good ones, but most were totally unmemorable. A few have caused me to write “B.S.” in pencil over the day’s trite saying.

However, the one for November 18 was just too much. It must be commented upon:

If you are doing a job you despise, do it as well as you can. Miraculously, you’ll discover it’s not as disagreeable as you thought.

This is not only B.S., it’s really, really BAD advice. If you were to follow this advice, you will discover, much to your horror, you have now become the “go-to” person for that job, FOREVER. Doing a good job at a horrible task labels you as the person to whom should be given all the horrible tasks that no-one else wants.

j.r. crofter’s advice would be:

If you are doing a job you despise, do the absolutely worst possible job you can. This will ensure that the next time this job is handed out, you will NOT be on the list of candidates for the task.

Unless, for some reason, you enjoy being a doormat for your boss and co-workers.

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