The Internet

(originally posted dec 3, 2008)

I hate the internet.

Well, actually, I love the internet.

I’m just glad as hell that I didn’t have the internet in:

  1. pre-school
  2. grade school
  3. junior high
  4. high school
  5. university

Because if the internet had existed in it’s present form back when I was doing 1-4 (above), then today I would most likely be over 50 (which I am), working at a job (when I could break away from the internet), asking “…would you like fries with that?”.

I’d also probably be over 1000lbs, unable to move (except to surf the web) and eat only doritos or cheesits or some similar plastic-cheeze flavored deep-fried extruded-paste pseudo-food.

Yep. Thanks to having NO INTERNET as a kid, teen and young adult, I actually got to do things like play outside, read books, and GRADUATE.

I’m also very grateful that there were no available computers when I was growing up (at least until university where I was in rural Canada), and ESPECIALLY no COMPUTER GAMES. Just thinking about all the time I wasted on computer games AFTER I had a career is scarey stuff. Imagine if I had even the rickety games from the 1980’s back in school. Scary stuff, kids!

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